This $1.7 Million Luxury Mobile Home Has A Built-In Garage Outside. The Interior Is Even Better

Some people dream of owning a mobile home so they can freely travel the country. However, most people don’t associate mobile home living with living in the lap of luxury.

That’s until the Volkner Mobil Performance S came along,

It’s a top of the line motorhome with amenities like you’ve never seen before in a mobile home.

German company Volkner Mobil sells them for about $1.7 million. So, not only does it cost more than your home but it’s even nicer on the inside than your home.

The 40-foot vehicle contains a double bed, that comes with a full kitchen, large lounge area, sleeping quarters, state-of-the-art entertainment, slide-out wall for extra space, and heated bathroom.

But the fanciest feature is its garage with an electrohydraulic lift that holds one car.

“It’s a house on wheels,” Volkner Mobil’s director Stephanie Volkner told Daily Mail. “Our clients normally have big companies. They want to travel freely. They want to decide when they start their journey, where they can go, not before. They look at the weather and start. They want to live in their own, very personal area.”

The Volkner Mobil Performance S is the latest in Volkner Mobil’s Performance series and has a super sleek look.

“We are ourselves passionate motorhome users and first and foremost, we make motorhomes for all year use not just for a few months use each year, they are built to last!” the company’s website reads.

And that’s definitely evident by the Volkner Mobil Performance S’ design. And for $1.7 million, it better last!

And the price for one of these can get even higher than that with customized finishes.

“Each motorhome is built specifically for you, to your design concept and wishes, of course, we will guide you through this process from start to finish,” their website states.

So, basically, this thing is like a customized 5-star hotel on wheels.

“Exclusive is for everybody very different. Some need a golden faucet to be exclusive,” Volkner said. “For me, it’s exclusive that the interior has harmony and all the materials are of the highest quality and their processing is at the highest level.”
Apparently, the luxury mobile home is a big hit with buyers.

“We have sold more Performance models than we thought to sell all together,” Volkner told Metro.

You can take a video tour of the Volkner Mobil Performance S in the video below.