102-Year-Old Thinks His Brother Died In WWII Until He Meets The Nephew He Never Knew He Had

The horror of WWII left many families torn apart and homes decimated. Back then, in the midst of war, there was no telling who was dead and who was alive for sure. Some people, like 102-year-old Holocaust survivor Eliahu Pietruszka, lived their lives under the assumption that most, if not all their family members had died.

Eliahu was one of the lucky few who was able to flee Poland when the war broke out when he was just 24-years-old. He was forced to leave behind his family, including his younger brother Volf. Volf, in turn, was also lucky to escape the death camp where the rest of his family died, but ended up in a Siberian work camp.

Eliahu believed for years that his brother had died in that work camp. But, as he found out 70 years later, at 102-years-old, this wasn’t the case. While Eliahu was in Israel, Volf had settled down in rural Russia and had a family, including a son named Alexandre.

It was Eliahu’s grandson who found evidence of Alexandre while going through records of victims of the Holocaust. He found that Volf had filed a testimony that stated that he believed that Eliahu had died too. After finding out that Volf had one child, a meeting between the 102-year-old and his long-lost nephew was organized.

The two met and cried openly in one another’s arms! Eliahu says that his nephew is the spitting image of his brother.

He also added that the meeting was a fitting end to a long and eventful life.