Man Walks Through Plane Handing Out $2 Bills. His Reason Leaves Passengers Without Words

Nowadays, it seems as though more and more people are developing a fear of flying. In the past, it was the idea of being almost 40,000 feet above the earth’s surface that worried travelers. However, new threats and random acts of violence at airports and on flights have sadly become more common in today’s world – and people are afraid.
When one random passenger, during a flight from Tennessee to North Carolina, unexpectedly began speaking on the airplane’s intercom system – those aboard the aircraft were surprised, and worried…

Natalie Gunderson was aboard that very flight, and later told WCNC News about the moment the man picked up the intercom to speak to the other passengers,

“Honestly, with everything crazy going on in the world I think everyone was a little on edge at first.”

Natalie then went on to explain that any initial worries were put to rest when passengers noticed that the flight attendants didn’t seem concerned by the man’s actions.

The mystery man began telling the story of a life-changing moment for him – a memory from when he was just 16-years-old. He recalled the time his father gave him a $2 bill for a specific and touching reason…
Natalie shared the man’s story with WCNC News,

“His dad told him as long as he kept it, he’d never be broke.”

Unfortunately, a bit of turbulence forced the man to take his seat before finishing the end of his story. However, the meaning behind the man’s shared memory became clear to everyone aboard when the man stood back up, and began slowly walking down the aisle of the plane…

With a hand full of $2 bills, the man made his way down the center aisle handing them out. One by one, each person took a $2 bill.
Natalie said in her interview,

“It didn’t matter our race, sex, religion, etc., we all were just together passing around two dollar bills until each and every person got one.”

The passengers aboard, people from all walks of life, were brought together to share in this touching and memorable experience.

“The awesome part was everyone just took one, and everyone was looking out for everyone around them, making sure we all got one.”

Natalie explained that the mystery man aboard her flight just wanted to “spread the love” that day – and the picture she snapped before the passengers unloaded from the plane shows just what the happiness of “paying it forward” looks like!